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‘Tis the Rhubarb Season

Last weekend was the first of the season for our local farmer’s market. It felt so good to be shopping outside again, and seeing all the spring greens in everyone’s stalls. We got some yummy kale, which we made into kale chips; some lamb and mini-turnips that we used in a stew, and cooked up the turnip greens to use on pizza; spinach and cilantro for salads; and of course, rhubarb. My husband loves rhubarb, and would be happy to just have it stewed with yogurt. I, on the other hand, need some sweet with that sour to make it enjoyable.

I decided to make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler with our rhubarb. Sadly, it is not quite strawberry season yet, so we’re still using the ones that travelled a while to get to us, but at least the rhubarb is from just down the road. The original recipe for this cobbler can be found at Simply Recipes, but as usual, I changed a few things to reflect my tastes.

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