Baking - Breads

Mixer in Action!

I finally got around to christening my new mixer. I opted to make one of the bread recipes from the little book that came with the machine, just to get a feel for using it again. It was a very simple white bread recipe that actually rose in the fridge!

The dough was mixed for about 8 minutes, then left to rest in the bowl for 20. After that it was divided in two, and rolled into loaves. The loaves were put in the fridge, and the recipe said they could stay there for two to 12 hours before baking. I did the minimum, because I wanted my bread as soon as possible! I was surprised at how much the dough rose in the cold.

Then the loaves were baked, and I reveled in the smell of fresh bread baking. And of course, as soon as it was cool enough to touch I sliced a piece off, slathered it with butter and savoured every bite! It’s good to be baking again!

Baking - General

New Year, New Tools

My birthday is right after Christmas, and normally I am very opposed to people doing combo Christmas-birthday gifts, but this year I was happy to make an exception. My husband got me a KitchenAid mixer, which comes with a regular mixing paddle, a whip (whisk), and a dough hook.

IMG_3162I’ve had a nice handheld electric mixer for years, which is great for most baking projects, and although I am excited to use this new mixer in the same way, I am super-excited to be able to make bread dough with it.

I used to make bread by hand quite regularly, but have gotten out of the habit, mostly because the thought of kneading dough makes me put it off; my arms get tired just thinking about it. With the dough hook on my new mixer I’ll be able to ‘knead’ dough with ease, and once again enjoy the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, one of the best smells there is!