Chocolate Festival Delights

I love trying and sharing recipes, but I also want to use this space to write about experiences. A couple months ago I went to a local chocolate festival with my family. There were several local artisans, chefs and caterers who created chocolate sensations, and vied for the people’s choice award. We paid a $10 entrance fee and got to have a free sample from each participant (most were very generous in their samples) and then we could vote on which was our favourite. It wasn’t an easy task, and we had quite a sugar rush by the end!

A couple samples didn’t go over well with me. There was a tiramisu with passion fruit sauce, which sounds good, but I found the cake had a metallic and oily taste to it and was not very enjoyable. Another flop was the brownie with pretzel embedded in it, topped with strawberry cheesecake and caramel sauce. I understand what the chef was trying to do by using contrasting flavours and textures, but there was just too much happening with it, and it was also messy to eat. Continue reading “Chocolate Festival Delights”