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Travel Baking Challenge

Just over a month ago I signed up for our local Make-a-Wish Foundation’s Rope for Hope, where I need to raise a certain amount of money for the Foundation in order to get the chance to rappel down the side of a city skyscraper. As incentive to make donations I offered my donors various amounts of baked goods for various amounts of donations. (You can check out my spiel by clicking here). The response has been amazing!

I started honouring some of the baking requests last week in a bit of an unconventional way. Two of the generous donors were my brother and his family, and a longtime friend and her family, who all happen to live on the west coast. It also happened to be my brother’s 40th birthday last week. So I decided to surprise him for his birthday and delivered his stuff, and my friend’s, in person! I travelled from London, ON, to Vancouver, BC with several dozen cookies and two birthday cakes in my suitcase!

I made the cakes and decorations ahead, froze them, then packaged them up as securely as I could on departure day and hoped for the best! It all went surprisingly well. Following is a photo essay of the adventure.

Fondant Dog: For my friend’s three year old son, he wanted a cake with his ‘doggy’ on it.
Fondant Running Shoes: For my brother, who has gotten into running over the last year.
Prepping the fondant pieces for transport.
All the baking accessories I would need to assemble the cakes once I got there.
Fondant ‘doggy’ getting wrapped and ready to go.
All the fondant decorations wrapped and ready to pack.
Three cakes (2 spicy chocolate, 1 plain chocolate) frozen, stacked and prepped for packing.
Cakes snuggly packed into cake carrier.
My suitcase, with more baking supplies than clothes! In addition to the cakes and supplies, there is a container of chocolate mint sandwich cookies, and a container of cardamom ginger cookies.


Doggy cake all done!
Such a cute puppy 🙂
40th Birthday Running Shoe cake all done!
Close-up of Running Shoe cake.