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Cake-Pop Skeptic

I recently participated in a cake-pop workshop. I must admit, when I first heard about cake-pops from a friend last year I thought they sounded disgusting, and looked like way too much work for such a small treat. But, as someone interested in baking, I thought I should at least try them since they seem to be all the rage right now. I was definitely surprised! Who would have thought crumbled cake mixed with icing and dipped in candy coating could be so good? It is definitely a sugar rush, but because they are bite-size, it seems to be just the right amount.

At the workshop the base of the pops were pre-made by the instructor, so we just got to decorate. She didn’t have any specific instruction on decorating, but she had lots of different candies, sprinkles and treats to choose from, as well as several shades of candy coating. I think it would have been helpful to get a design demonstration at the beginning, and then let people’s creative juices flow, but it’s fun to learn by trial and error too. Continue reading “Cake-Pop Skeptic”