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Prolific Pumpkin

Well, the new babe has been here for just over six weeks, and although the baking has not been as frequent, it has been happening as we adjust to our bigger family. The problem right now is not so much the baking, but finding the time and arm freedom to post! But here I go, doing what I can when I can, even if it is typed with one hand!

We have been getting some lovely squash and pumpkins in our veggie boxes as the fall continues on, and I have been trying to make more of an effort to not have anything go to waste from our boxes. So I often cook up a pumpkin, puree it, and then freeze it in half cup sizes for use in various recipes. I have a pumpkin muffin recipe I recently made, and could have eaten the whole dozen in one sitting if I let myself.

But the recipe I have been most pleased to discover this year is a pumpkin molasses cookie that is so soft and delicious I literally have to hide them or they’re gone in no time. I found the recipe when I wanted to make something for a trip to my grandparents’. You can find the recipe here, but I made one little adjustment, and that was to use a 1/2 tsp of baking soda instead of 2, because 2 tsp seemed like a lot to me, and they turned out just fine. Better than fine, scrumptious in fact! This is definitely a new favourite!

pumpkin molasses cookies (2)

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Scrummy Pumpkin Brownies

Halloween is over, and the dilemma of what to do with those leftover pumpkins is upon us. There’s soup, loaves, cookies, roasting the seeds. I decided I would try and make some pumpkin brownies. The recipe I have used in the past comes out more like a cake, and while it’s nice, it’s not very dense or chewy like a good chocolate brownie; and dense and chewy is what I wanted.  So I looked at several recipes for chocolate brownies and modified my pumpkin one in the hope that it would create a more brownie-like brownie. And I should clarify, these brownies are not just a sneaky way to use up pumpkin masked by the more popular chocolate. These brownies are all pumpkin and proud of it, there is no chocolate.

All baked, waiting to cut in and test the texture.

Most of the chocolate brownie recipes I looked at called for two eggs, and my recipe only had one, so I added an egg. I lessened the amount of flour, used brown sugar instead of white, creamed in a couple tablespoons of honey along with the sugar and butter, and I didn’t use any baking powder or soda.

I also wanted something for the top of them, since I wouldn’t be icing them, so I cooked some pumpkin seeds in maple syrup, then let them cool and harden. I chopped them up and sprinkled them on top just before baking. This was a very good addition!

Once baked, the result was pretty good. It was a little sweeter than I would have liked, but the texture was just what I had hoped for – dense and chewy. I’m going to work on tweaking the recipe a bit more before I share it, so you’ll have to use your tried and true recipes for your leftover pumpkins for now. Or chop them up and freeze them until this recipe is perfected!