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Honey Do!

I often forget about melons in our fridge. For me it’s one of those fruits that’s nice, but not one I want to have everyday. So when I discovered the half melon at the back of our fridge the other day, I thought I should do something with it before it went bad. Half a melon is way too much to just sit and eat. But what else can you do with a melon? It makes nice juice if you have a juicer, but I find melon juice a little too…well, too much melon. So I searched for some melon recipes and came across a honeydew loaf. I wasn’t sure how it would go, as melon is quite a bit more watery than other fruit purees often used in baking, such as apple and banana. Also, I had tried baking with a cantaloupe a couple years ago, and it did not go well; maybe because I had diced the melon rather than pureeing. I modified the loaf recipe I found to make it into muffins instead of loaves, and was pleasantly surprised at how they turned out. They are by no means healthy with all the sugar and butter in them, but they are tasty, and the melon flavor is very subtle; and as with many fruit muffins, the crumb is really moist. Continue reading “Honey Do!”