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Fun with Fondant

Now this is something I never thought I would say, ‘fun with fondant.’ Not because I don’t like working with it for design purposes, but because generally rolled fondant tastes terrible. And I’m big on not putting terrible tasting things on my tasty baking. For the most part I have been using marzipan for any decorative figures and cake coverings. It’s delicious, has minimal ingredients (if you get a good brand), and I have found it works just as well for modeling. But it is expensive, so not necessarily the economical choice for larger cake and decorating projects.

Cue my friend Yvonne at Ms. Adventures in Baking. She shared a recipe with me for a homemade fondant that uses marshmallows as the base, and it is amazing! Moment of confession, I have an addiction to those marshmallow peanut candies, and this tasted just like them. It was a bit of an issue with the leftover fondant, but I digress. This fondant was easy to make, easy to work with, cheaper than marzipan, not to mention cheaper than pre-made store-bought fondant and it was delicious. Win, win, win!

There is a bit of an issue with it in that marshmallows are not vegetarian, since they contain gelatin, so if you plan to try this fondant make sure your consumers are not vegetarian. I’ll have to keep looking into a homemade vegetarian option for fondant. Until then, I will stick with the marzipan for them.

I do need to practice with it a bit more, I ended up with some cracks, likely from it being dry, and there was a lot of bunching at the base of the cake, which made for a very thick layer of sugary sweet fondant on the outside edge of each cake slice. But practice makes perfect, and any leftovers will be given a good home 🙂

You can find the instructions for making marshmallow fondant here.

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S’mores Tart

Summer has officially arrived, and I don’t know about where you are, but this spring has been pretty dismal weatherwise. I’m hoping the summer will prove better.

A couple weeks ago I had wanted to take my co-workers to the beach for a bonfire and make s’mores. But given that it was only 12 degrees celcius and rainy outside, that wasn’t going to work. So I improvised. Everyone came over to my house and we lit a fire in the fireplace. Unfortunately it’s not the kind of fireplace that we could roast marshmallows on, so I had to improvise that too.

I found and made a recipe for a chocolate tart. Once the tart was finished baking, I covered it with mini-marshmallows and put it back in the oven under the broiler for a few minutes, watching very closely because I knew that it could become disastrous pretty quick if I wasn’t paying attention. I broiled them until they were golden, and I thought it looked fantastic. Basically a giant s’more pie!

The only thing that didn’t work very well was that I made the whole thing the night before. The marshmallows had a lot of time to set, and they became quite tough by the time it came to slice and eat. If I were to do it again, I would probably broil the marshmallows just before serving, and maybe not broil them for quite as long.  But it was still a pretty delicious way to enjoy a s’more on a cold, rainy day!