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This is loooooooong overdue. Our daughter’s birthday was in June and she is very much into Frozen, particularly Elsa. We had a party for her with a few of her school friends, all of whom also really like Elsa. I think every gift had some form of reference to the movie! Not surprisingly she asked for an Elsa cake for the party.

I saw several designs I liked, most notably a round cake with Elsa’s face in the middle, then using piped buttercream for her hair. I can’t even remember now what made me change my mind, but I decided to make a marzipan Elsa instead, much like the pink power ranger back in April.

It took some planning, but I drew it all out, coloured the marzipan and cut and shaped all the pieces. I had used marzipan instead of marshmallow fondant because one of the girls coming to the party couldn’t have the gelatin in the marshmallows. The marzipan dried out more quickly and was more difficult to make fine details, but it still turned out pretty good. As happy as I (and she) was with it, I kind of hope our daughter is into something else next year!