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Summertime Snowballs

I was visiting my parents this past week and while I was there I decided to look through some of my mom’s cookbooks for baking ideas. I found a recipe for snowballs that looked so easy I just had to try it; it also seemed like something fun for the first day of summer! It’s a simple recipe, with few ingredients and no baking required, and it makes some tasty little bites. Now, even with only five ingredients in the recipe my mind started to think “wouldn’t it be better if I did this and changed that?” So I did. And although they were good, it occurred to me that having not made the original recipe I had nothing to which I could compare the changed recipe. So I decided that I would put the original recipe here and then list the changes I made, that way you will have the chance to make a comparison yourselves. Continue reading “Summertime Snowballs”