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Go Go Power Rangers!

So I thought Power Rangers were a thing of my childhood, but apparently they’re actually still a thing, and I had a request last weekend from a little girl turning six for a Pink Power Ranger cake. It took me a bit by surprise, and I was a bit intimidated at first, but of course I said “of course!”

After some searching it didn’t seem so intimidating, especially when I searched “pink power ranger clipart.” I printed off an image, enlarged it and went from there. I decided to make a fondant decoration for the top of the cake rather than trying to shape the whole cake like a power ranger. I think I made the right call!

I made a big black circle of fondant for the background, and carved out the other pieces by tracing through the image I had enlarged on each section of colour. The outline was indented into the fondant and I used a knife to carve out all the pieces. Then it was just a matter of sticking them all together on top of the black circle.

A chocolate cake was requested, so I made a 14-inch round chocolate cake, made the black circle 10-inch, and fit the power ranger to an 8-inch space. I put a thin layer of frosting to help the fondant image stick to the top of the cake, then piped pink frosting all around. And to garnish I used pink sugar and some silver dragees.

I think this is one of the few times I have been almost completely happy with how a cake turned out. The perfectionist in me was feeling pretty proud when I boxed it up, and the birthday girl seemed pretty happy with it too – which is always the best part!


Multi-Generation Birthday Cake

My husband, father-in-law and son have birthdays within the first two weeks of October. It wasn’t so bad when there were two weeks between my husband and father-in-law, but now my son has squeezed right in the middle, making for a lot of birthdays to celebrate in a short amount of time. We decided to celebrate them all together, but I thought it would be fun to make them each their own cake anyway, especially since this was my son’s first birthday.

I made a big chocolate cake for the base and covered it with vanilla bean frosting, banana cake for the middle layer covered with blue marbled marzipan, and banana cake for the top with vanilla bean frosting and celebratory sprinkles!

It was a simple but fun idea; probably more cake than we actually needed, but really, who’s going to complain about having too much cake?!