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DIY Brown Sugar

We were baking at my work a couple weeks ago, and discovered we were out of brown sugar. I remembered learning in one of my baking classes that brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses mixed in – and it’s true, if you look at the ingredients listed on a package of brown sugar, that’s what you’ll find.

So I thought, maybe we could make some brown sugar; we had white sugar and molasses, why not give it a try? We only needed a quarter cup of brown sugar, so I measured out just under a quarter cup, and added about a teaspoon of molasses. I mixed it all together, and lo and behold it looked like we had a fresh bowl of brown sugar.

I tried mixing it with a fork at first, but it stayed a bit clumpy; so I switched to my hands (the best mixing tools ever) and it blended together very quickly. We were able to avert a baking disaster, and felt pretty proud of ourselves for our resourcefulness.

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Mom’s Orange Oatmeal Cookies

While visiting my mom one day last week she mentioned how much she wanted to make a cookie that she remembered from her childhood; a crispy oatmeal cookie with a hint of orange. I thought about some of my recipes and wondered if I had one she could use, and just add some orange zest. However, I prefer chewy oatmeal cookies, so most of my recipes would not be what she was looking for.

To satisfy my own curiosity, I went searching online for crispy orange oatmeal cookie recipes, and found several options. I looked them over, and thought one in particular might be the best. I chose it because, although all the recipe titles said ‘crispy,’ this one used more white sugar than brown. Brown sugar adds texture to cookies, while white sugar causes more spreading; and more spreading = thinner cookies = crispier cookies. So I printed the recipe off and gave it to my mom to try.

By the time I came back later that afternoon she had already baked a batch, and had packaged some for me to take home. She seemed pretty happy with the results, and I was pretty happy to get some cookies! The hint of orange is a really nice addition, one I’d never really thought of for an oatmeal cookie; but one I will definitely keep in mind for future cookie baking!

Thanks to my mom for the inspiration this week. You can find the recipe by clicking here.