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Moving Madness

I am a bit off the ball this week. We’ve been packing up our apartment over the last month, and I had been trying to keep up with a post once a week, but was unsuccessful in getting something done on time for this week. However, given that most of our kitchen equipment, utensils and cookbooks are in boxes, and I have been on the road for the last two days, I’m hoping I can be forgiven for a slip-up this week.

I will say, though, that even amongst the chaos of packing, I managed to do some baking. We were trying to use up as much stuff from our fridge and cupboards as possible, in order to minimize what we needed to pack and declare, so I made a small batch of oatmeal-raisin-pumpkin seed cookies. They were a good snack to have with not much left in the cupboards, and also a treat for the long road trip.

Hopefully next week I will have something tasty created from our new home, amid unpacking and setting everything up. One does need energy for that sort of thing, and we might as well get it from something delicious!