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October Birthdays – Double Feature

October is a very busy month for birthdays in our family, two of which are my son and my husband within a week of each other. Although we celebrated them both with family over the Thanksgiving weekend, I made one cake for my son for that celebration, and I made one for my husband on his actual birthday at home.

My son is really into trains right now (are you surprised??), and of course, particularly Thomas – it’s like an inborn addiction that all little boys seem to have no matter how much or how little exposure they actually have to Thomas. Anyway, I wanted to make him a cake with Thomas on it, but with all the other preparations for Thanksgiving (we were travelling as well) I just didn’t have the time to create a Thomas. However, as he was only turning two, I figured I would probably still be safe with any kind of train, so I made a simpler train out of fondant for the top of his cake. I didn’t hear any complaints, especially since he got to eat parts of the train!

For my husband’s birthday the next week I decided to do an ice cream cake. My husband isn’t into sweet things, like cake, as much. But he does like ice cream. How many of you remember when Dairy Queen had a Nerds blizzard? You know those crunchy little candies that are oh so tangy and yummy? My husband LOVES Nerds candies, and often talks about those Nerds blizzards and how you can’t get them anymore. Well, I decided to make him a Nerds ice cream cake. Pretty straightforward, I got some vanilla ice cream, some Nerds, put them together with a crust and chocolate layer, and voila, a Nerds ice cream cake. It was a pretty big hit; my daughter even put in a request for the same cake for her birthday – next June! We’ll see if she remembers 🙂

The Nerds ice cream cake.
The Nerds ice cream cake.

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