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Baking for the Masses

It’s been a while since I baked in really large quantities, but I recently started doing the desserts for church dinners every couple months. Since it wasn’t very often I thought it would be fun and manageable; and it is, but I had to remind myself how much more 100 servings is compared to the couple dozen that most recipes give you!

My most recent offering to them was date squares. I used a recipe from my baking course book, which I remembered to be really good, and I knew the quantity would definitely be large enough. The problem was I didn’t have a pan big enough to hold the full recipe, so instead of quadrupling a recipe that only gave two dozen I had to quarter a recipe that would give me 100!

I made a full batch of the date filling all at once and divided it up into four containers to save some time. I had gotten the dates at a Bulk Barn, and in retrospect should have gone for better quality. They were okay, but they didn’t break down very well as they cooked. I added extra water a couple times to prolong the cooking time, but I ended up pulsing the paste through the food processor to make it a bit smoother.

Our kitchen smelled delicious over the couple days I made these batches of date squares. And the bonus of them was that they crumbled quite a bit as I cut them, so I saved the extra oat crumble to use as granola – so yummy!

It’s a bit of a challenge getting back into baking individual desserts for a large group, but I’m really enjoying it, and looking forward to coming up with the next one in a couple months!

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