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Race Car Cake

I recently started looking after children in our home (in addition to our own), and one of our new friends celebrated his third birthday on the weekend. I had offered to make his cake, and the overwhelming consensus was that he wanted a blue race car cake.

I looked up a few ideas online, looking at whether to do a full sized car, or do a landscape with cars on top, and decided to go for the whole car. Partly because as I was looking I saw one that used Oreo cookies for wheels and thought that was a brilliant idea! As the design took shape I thought that having plain Oreo cookies wouldn’t match the rest of the fondant covered cake, so I experimented with fondant covered Oreos, as you saw in my post from a few days ago.

I baked the cake in a 16-inch round pan, then cut the sides off and used those side pieces to build up the top of the cake (the windows of the car). This worked well because it gave me the curves and contours for the front of the car and the windshield.

I made all the fondant pieces ahead of time, measuring against the cake as I went to make sure they’d fit, so it was pretty straightforward to assemble once all the pieces were done. I brushed on a mix of meringue powder and water to ‘glue’ some sugar glitter on the windows, lights and lightening bolts, and then to stick them to the blue fondant that coated the whole car. The wheels were bulkier, so I made a black royal icing to glue those in place.

I was pretty happy with the results, although the car was a little squat (especially once the wheels were attached!), so if I were to do it again I would make a bigger cake batch to raise it a bit higher. But it seemed to be a hit with the birthday boy, and that for me was the best part!

4 thoughts on “Race Car Cake”

  1. I really love this cake! Perfect for any car enthusiast. In the end, I think the proportion of car body:wheels worked out as it really fits with how race cars are low to the ground with large wide wheels. Did you use food colouring to change the colour of the fondant? I was wondering why the fondant behind the oreo wheel looks silver? Also – one more question … when you’re making a cake you have to shape like this, do you use a specific recipe for a more dense cake? (perhaps that is in another post?) My cakes always seem too light and fluffy to stand up to re-shaping etc.

  2. Yes, I made a batch of white fondant, then split it up and used food colouring, but I use the Wilton ones that are more like a thick, ‘concentrated gel’ than the liquid drop ones you get at the grocery store. I think the silver might just be a reflection from the flash because I didn’t use anything silver.
    And yes, I have a sour cream cake recipe I use for this type of cake project. It is definitely more dense and does not crumble as much as a regular white cake would. If you like a lighter cake, though, you could always freeze it before cutting/shaping it, and keep it cool as you mold the fondant around it, that would help it to hold its shape, then just allow enough time for it to thaw before serving.

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