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Muffin Mishap…or was it?

So I’ve been a bit tired lately, getting back to work after my mat leave and up through many nights with a teething baby, trying to get done what I can in whatever free waking moments I have. I try to be organized by having a list of things that need to get done (eg. laundry, email so-and-so etc.) and one recent evening I had on my list to make muffins. Most often I make banana muffins from a banana bread recipe that I love (which you can read about here).

As I was getting the ingredients ready I realized that I only had enough banana to make about a 1/2 cup instead of the full cup needed, so I decided to be adventurous and substitute a 1/2 cup of peanut butter to see what would happen. Having read this far you probably think that this addition of peanut butter was the mishap referred to in the title of this post. Read on.

I got the wet ingredients all ready to go, and usually I mix the brown sugar in because that’s what the recipe says to do, but there wasn’t enough room in the measuring cup, so I told myself to add it in with the dry. I went and mixed all the dry ingredients together, combined them with the wet and then scooped it all into the greased muffin tins (I am so on the ball!)

As I scooped the last bit of batter in it dawned on me that I had totally forgotten to add the brown sugar to the mix. Changing the order of things is a bad idea when you are sleep deprived! A very small part of me thought about dumping it all out to add the sugar, but most of me said “just bake them and see what happens.”

They came out a lot better than I expected. They rose nicely, had good texture, and although not as sweet as most muffins, they were actually not bad for taste either. My biggest concern was that all the kids for whom I made them would take one bite and turn up their noses, but I was happily proven wrong, there were no crumbs left when they were done.

So my muffin mishap turned out to be…well, maybe not a triumph, but certainly acceptable, and a good reminder that we don’t always need to use as much sugar as our recipes call for.

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