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Cheese Wedding Cake

Okay, so it’s been another long stretch since my last post, but today’s post is so exciting that I’m hoping I’ll be forgiven for slacking off on the blog front.

A while back some good friends asked me if I would make their wedding cake. I was very excited, and somewhat intimidated, by the idea. I never really wanted to get into wedding cakes, too much pressure. But for friends I’m always willing to make exceptions, especially when they give me free reign on the design!

I brainstormed several possibilities, and in consultation with them finally settled on a cheese cake. Not a cheesecake with cream cheese; and not a stack of actual cheese, tiered up like a cake; but a stack of cakes that would look like wheels of cheese. They love cheese (who doesn’t?!), so I thought it would be very fitting for their celebration.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to do several posts about this cake. Since this was my first wedding cake, which is a big project, I tried to document each step and test along the way, and I thought it would be fun to post about it so you can see what all goes into designing and making the perfect cake.

I feel incredibly lucky to have such supportive friends, and I am grateful that they gave me the chance to test and expand my baking experience!

3 thoughts on “Cheese Wedding Cake”

  1. The cake was the best wedding cake I’ve ever eaten AND it was so realistic many mistook it for actual cheese. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

  2. I wish you lived closer so that you could have done a wedding cake for us!! You have a fantastic eye for detail AND I really value the quality of the ingredients you choose. It really makes a difference in the taste of the cake. Looking forward to seeing what you create next!

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