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Teddy Bear Cookies – More Toddler Baking

We had another gloomy cloudy day last week, so we decided to break out the cookie book again and tackle another cookie recipe. My daughter chose the teddy bear cookies. I’d been avoiding these ones because they looked complicated, but once we got going on them they were actually quite simple.

We had to make two batches of dough, a light one and a dark one, so it was double the activity to keep her busy. She enjoyed pouring in the ingredients after I measured them, rolling out the dough, cutting the shapes, and constructing the bear faces on the baking sheet. The recipe said to put the chocolate chip eyes on once the cookies came out of the oven, and they would melt in place, which worked until we went to move them. They didn’t stick on very well, so if we were to do it again we might use some icing for the eyes instead, or try to bake them right on.

It was a fun choice of cookie, and they made great snacks for a couple picnics once the weather got nicer!

2 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Cookies – More Toddler Baking”

  1. So lovely! Owen and I made quiche today, however, I ran down to sort out the laundry in the middle of the venture and returned to find half a bottle of vanilla essence dumped in with the eggs and milk. Owen knows all good baking needs some vanilla, we just need to work on the proportions :).

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