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Dominoes Cookies May 19, 2014

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20140513_163344I hosted a games night at our church this past week, and thought it would be fun to make some game themed cookies as part of the refreshments. I had originally thought of making square cookies and piping letters on each of them, like Scrabble tiles. But then I thought that dominoes might be easier, and require less for a full set!

I made a basic sugar cookie recipe, and used a wooden ruler to measure equal rectangle shapes, and used a pizza wheel to cut them out. It was super easy, and they were all perfectly uniform. I was going to use mini m&ms for the dots on each cookie, so I did a test cookie with m&ms on it before baking, and was glad I did because the m&ms cracked from the heat of the oven and didn’t look very good. After that, I used the end of a chopstick to mark where all the dots would go, then baked the cookies, and made a small amount of royal icing to stick on the m&ms once the cookies were cooled.

It only took a very small dot of royal icing to attach each m&m, and it was easy to fit them into all the pre-marked dots. They were pretty simple to make, eye-catching, tasty, and a big hit at the games night; a winning combination all around!


2 Responses to “Dominoes Cookies”

  1. Charisma Says:

    These are so cool! Love how colourful they are, would love to eat some now!

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