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Rye Bread

I get confused sometimes about rye bread. Some have caraway seeds, some don’t; some have a sour dough base, some don’t; some loaves are round, some are long; some are dark, some are light, some are marble; and some I like, some I don’t. There’s a farm market bakery I get a lot of bread from and they sometimes make a dark rye bread that I really like. It’s got a nice chewy texture, no seeds, and no sour taste. That’s my kind of rye. Unfortunately it hasn’t been a very popular product, so they will only make it if someone specially orders it.

I have been rather lazy in my bread baking lately, so I have been getting a lot of my bread at the market; but the rye is also more of a specialty bread, so it is more expensive. I decided to take the plunge and try to make some myself.

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago I made one attempt that failed. Well, it failed in the sense that the bread totally sank into a couple very flat loaves, but the taste and texture were quite good. We were still able to use it for sandwiches.

I didn’t give up. A couple weeks later I tried a different recipe, and it came out very well. It used a mix of unbleached all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, and rye flour (equal parts of each), and it used dark beer. The beer gave the bread a richer flavour, and the texture was nice and chewy. I was very happy with how it turned out, and will be making it one of my regular bread recipes!


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