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Rhubarb Shortcake

We got an abundance of rhubarb through the spring, from our CSA boxes as well as from family patches. I think I mentioned in a post last year that rhubarb is not my most favourite thing to eat. But we had so much of it I had to try again to find interesting ways to use it.

We had some friends over for dinner a couple weeks ago, so I put on my thinking cap and took out a bunch of rhubarb that had been frozen for future use. It was also the middle of strawberry season, and I had thought about strawberry shortcake, but I like eating strawberries on their own so much that I didn’t want to use them all up for shortcake. But I did want to use up the rhubarb. Cue lightbulb: Rhubarb shortcake.

To make it even more interesting I opted to make an oatmeal scone instead of a regular shortcake biscuit for the base; I found a rhubarb sauce recipe in one of my cookbooks, which I’m happy to say used up 4 cups of rhubarb; And to top it off I made a maple whipped cream. I was quite happy with how it turned out. The oatmeal scone gave it a ‘rhubarb crisp’ flavour, and the sweet maple whipped cream was a nice contrasting flavour to the tart rhubarb.

We may need to get more rhubarb!

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