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Pizza Dough Experiment

I have been using the same pizza dough recipe for years. It is easy to throw together, using instant yeast so it only needs a short time for rising, which makes it easy to make a pizza at relatively short notice. It also makes a nice thin crust, which I like. But lately I’ve been craving a chewy pizzeria crust, and the recipe I use just doesn’t offer that.

Inspired by the artisan-type no-knead bread from several months ago, I thought to myself “I bet that would make a good crust!” So I cut the no-knead bread recipe by about a third, mixed it up the night before, and at suppertime the next day it was ready to spread in a pan for toppings.

The dough was pretty sticky, so it couldn’t be rolled out with a rolling pin, but it didn’t take much to spread it out over the pan with floured fingers. I let it rest for about 15 minutes (instead of the half hour it is for a batch of bread) while the oven preheated and before adding the toppings. I baked the pizza at the same temperature as the bread – 450F – for about 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to bake, since the dough was quite a bit thinner than a loaf of bread, but it also was covered in toppings. I actually took it out after 12 minutes, but it looked like it wasn’t quite done, so I put it back in. If you try this at home you might need to experiment a bit with baking times, depending on your oven and how many toppings are covering the dough.

I was very happy with how the crust turned out, golden and crispy-chewy. I will definitely be using this recipe again, as long as I remember to plan ahead to mix the dough the night before!

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