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Homemade Birthday Cake on the Road

While on vacation we celebrated our daughter’s second birthday. It gets a bit trickier to bake when travelling, because I don’t have access to all my recipes, equipment and on-hand decorating ingredients. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

We were staying with family, which means I had a kitchen to use (an important factor), so I looked up a simple cake recipe in one of their cookbooks, went to the store to get a couple ingredients, and set to work. I made a sour cream cake, using yogurt instead of sour cream because they already had it on hand. I couldn’t find their electric mixer, so did all the beating by hand with a whisk. The batter seemed quite thick, so I thought it would be a very dense cake, but it actually came out quite light, which made me happy. And I made a simple buttercream frosting, and tried to colour it with blueberry juice, but because I didn’t make much juice it wasn’t very noticeable. However, the taste of the buttercream was fine all on its own.

I didn’t want to go overboard with the design, seeing as I didn’t have a lot of tools or time. Our daughter loves animals, and particularly likes looking for fish in water. I baked the cake in a rectangle pan, and cut out the shape of a fish once it had cooled. Then it was just a matter of spreading on the frosting, and adding a few berries to finish the design.

As a baker, I don’t like having to buy something pre-made for someone who means so much. I was glad to be able to make a cake for her birthday. It may not have been elaborate, but it sure was delicious. Sometimes simple can be surprisingly sensational!

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