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Smokin’ Cheese Buns

I had originally planned to write something about hot cross buns this week, with Good Friday coming up at the end of the week. But quite frankly, I don’t like hot cross buns; and I wasn’t even going to make any, I was just going to give a bit of history about them in honour of the occasion. (If you’re interested, you can click here.)

I did, however, make some smokin’ smoked cheese buns to go with soup last night for dinner, and thought that would be worthy of sharing instead! My husband and I recently visited one of our few Nova Scotian cheese producers and discovered a new favourite cheese. Most smoked cheeses we’ve tried are produced by adding liquid smoke, but the fine folks at That Dutchman’s Farm, who specialize in different types of gouda, actually smoke their cheeses in a smoker after the cheese is made. What a difference!

I usually make biscuits to go with soup because they are much quicker to make, but it’s been a while since I made buns, and I had the time so I thought that would be nice. I made a half whole wheat, half all-purpose flour roll recipe, and simply added about a cup of grated smoked old gouda cheese while mixing. The smoky flavour was noticeable in the buns but not overwhelming. They ended up being the perfect accompaniment to our creamy squash-beet soup!

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