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New Year, New Tools

My birthday is right after Christmas, and normally I am very opposed to people doing combo Christmas-birthday gifts, but this year I was happy to make an exception. My husband got me a KitchenAid mixer, which comes with a regular mixing paddle, a whip (whisk), and a dough hook.

IMG_3162I’ve had a nice handheld electric mixer for years, which is great for most baking projects, and although I am excited to use this new mixer in the same way, I am super-excited to be able to make bread dough with it.

I used to make bread by hand quite regularly, but have gotten out of the habit, mostly because the thought of kneading dough makes me put it off; my arms get tired just thinking about it. With the dough hook on my new mixer I’ll be able to ‘knead’ dough with ease, and once again enjoy the smell of fresh bread baking in the oven, one of the best smells there is!

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