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Pastry Scraps

It is very rare that one makes just enough pastry for the pie she or he is making. There’s usually always some extra scraps, but never enough for another pie, and hardly worth making into little tarts. So what can you do with those scraps?

Cutting the pinwheels.
Cutting the pinwheels.

I had a bit of pie dough left the other night, so I gathered it up, rolled it out, and decided to make some little cinnamon pinwheels. I spread the rolled dough with a thin layer of butter, sprinkled cinnamon sugar on, rolled it up like a jelly roll, and cut them into half-inch pieces. I spread them out onto a parchment lined baking sheet, squished them down slightly and popped them in the oven (400F for about 10 minutes). They came out golden and crispy on the outside, and slightly chewy on the inside with the cinnamon sugar.

I prefer things that are sweet, but you could also make something savoury with the scraps. You could spread on a pesto or some cheese for little appetizers; or if you prefer sweet like me, you could use chopped nuts with a bit of honey or sugar, jam or jelly, or maybe even some shaved chocolate. Whatever your preference, don’t let those scraps go to waste! Enjoy every bite you can!

Bite-size cinnamon pinwheels.
Bite-size cinnamon pinwheels.

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