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Over the Hill Cake

This is a busy time of year in my family for birthdays; my Dad’s was two weeks ago, and my mom and her sister this week. We celebrated my mom and my aunt a few days early, who are turning a big 65 this year (or 130 if you put them together).

Gum paste ladies making their way up the hill.

My brothers and I decided we wanted an ‘Over the Hill’ themed cake, so I set to work brainstorming. I said I would make the cake; one of my brothers requested that the figures on the cake be wearing red hats and purple clothes; and the other suggested the figures be heading up the hill, which would drop off as a cliff at the end.

I originally thought of using my book shaped cake pan, as it looks like rolling hills, but when thinking about a cliff face my Christmas tree pan seemed like a better choice. I made a batch of Ermine frosting, and made some chocolate for a path, and the rest green for the grassy hill.

I decided to use gum paste instead of marzipan for the figures on the cake, because I thought they would dry more firmly and be able to stand up on the cake better. This was my first time working with gum paste, and I think I made the figures a bit too large, and ended up having to use a wooden skewer in each figure to help hold them up-right. I also used gum paste to make little conversation bubbles all the way up the hill, to illustrate what kind of things people going over the hill would talk about 🙂

It was a fun and tasty celebration with family. My gum paste skills need a bit of work, but at least I can now say I’ve tried it, and it will hopefully only get better with practice.

4 thoughts on “Over the Hill Cake”

  1. Auntie Sue and I LOVED everything about the “Over the Hill” cake!!! Thank you so much to all of you 🙂

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