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Kayak Cakes and Pops

Kayak cakes.

For my dad’s birthday this year I decided to make him a cake that would look like a kayak, representing one of his pastimes. I have some oval cake pans that I thought would be good to use, and could easily trim down to a boat shape without too much waste. And then I thought, I could just use that ‘waste’ to make into little kayak cake pops, fulfilling a wish I had ages ago of trying to make cake pops from scratch.

I made two vanilla hot milk cakes, and cut out a kayak shape from each. Then I crumbled the trimmed bits, made some buttercream frosting and squished it all together. I found the cake a bit harder to crumble than a boxed cake, but once the frosting was in, it formed a dough just as pliable as the ones I’d made before. I shaped several little kayaks, using my thumb to imprint a seat shape, and chilled them before adding the sticks. I had a bag of green candy melts for coating them, and discovered that, yet again, with another colour coating I had another different consistency to deal with. The green was very thick; so thick that I wasn’t actually able to dip the pops. I had to spread the coating on with a mini palette knife, and they ended up not looking as nice as I had hoped. But the taste was still good.

As for the main cakes, I made some buttercream, colouring half yellow and half green to reflect the colours of Dad’s and Mom’s kayaks, and iced the two boats. I made a marzipan figure to look like each of them and sat them in their respective kayaks – which I was quickly informed were backwards when I arrived at the party; Dad’s is green and Mom’s yellow, so I just switched the figures before presenting them. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to make any natural colourings for this project, but it’s still fun to be creative with the supplies I already have on hand.

2 thoughts on “Kayak Cakes and Pops”

  1. The cakes AND cake pops were SO creative and good – but we haven’t been able to eat the little figures yet 🙂 Thanks for a delicious birthday treat!

  2. I always appreciate the detail of your descriptions and instructions – what you learn by experience will save the rest of us a lot of anguish when we try out the recipes and ideas! I loved the kayak cakes and pops!

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