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Homemade Thin Buns

I don’t enjoy big burger buns, so I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the recent thin bun craze; not because I’m counting calories, but because I have small hands and a small mouth, and thin buns make burgers much easier for me to eat. We invited some family over for dinner on the weekend and I decided to make salmon burgers. I thought it might be fun to modify a pita bread recipe I saw on the Curious Cuisiniere’s blog into thin buns for said burgers. I had tried making pita bread several times from the recipe – sometimes successfully, sometimes not – but with a burger bun they didn’t need the pocket, so it didn’t really matter if it worked or not. I made the same size recipe, but instead of making six pitas, I made 14 small buns. It’s such an easy recipe, doesn’t take long to make, and it was great to have fresh homemade buns.  It helped to make a perfect dinner for a hot summer night!

You can find the recipe for pita bread here.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Thin Buns”

  1. Wow!! Those buns AND salmon burgers were wonderful – what a bonus to enjoy a tasty meal and know it’s healthy and nutritious!!

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