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Baking for Baby

As a relatively new first-time mom, I haven’t had as much time to bake as I used to. It’s gradually getting easier to find the time, and sometimes that baking is geared toward baby. Our daughter is almost nine months old and has no trouble with all the fruit and vegetable purees we’ve been giving her, but we’re starting to transition her to chewing slightly more substantial things. I found a recipe for teething biscuits; they turned out to be too soft for teething, but not soft enough for easy chew transition. I was talking with a friend who said she had made some muffins with rice flour and bananas. I searched ‘baby friendly muffins’ online, and after finding a few recipes with ingredients I’m still trying to avoid for now (wheat, eggs), I came across a blog with a very simple baby friendly muffin recipe. Bananas, applesauce, baking soda, baking powder and brown rice flour. So I baked them into mini muffins, and they seem to work well. The ingredients are right, and they are nice and soft. I tested them with our little lady, and although her initial reaction was questionable (as it is with anything new we’ve tried), she was eventually craning her head to see where she could get some more. It’s nice to be able to create tasty things for her to try, and get her excited about what food experiences are coming next.

If you’re interested in the recipe, you can find it here: ‘Baby Muffins and More

3 thoughts on “Baking for Baby”

    1. Thanks for your comment. It’s quite an adventure getting our daughter to try new things, but she’s finally starting to pick foods up with her fingers, so we’re on the right track 🙂

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