Short and Sweet

At 5’1″ with a joy for baking, I can think of no better way to start my blog: short and sweet. Baking is a creative experience, whether you’re making a batch of chocolate chip cookies, or designing a cake that will uniquely represent a person. I enjoy both of these, and in the last few years I have tried to broaden my creative horizons. I hope to use this blog to showcase my creations and reflect on my experiences.


4 thoughts on “Short and Sweet”

  1. look forward to your recipes! the picture looks much like that delightful dessert you made at GITM!! 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed my first visit and anticipate many more. What a treat to see your beautiful – and tasty – work!

  3. Having benefitted first hand from makings and bakings of ‘Sweet Leaf’, I must say, I’m a little disappointed this website isn’t scratch and sniff (or taste!). That’s not true, I’m not disappointed. It looks great!

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